В то время как из-за COVID-19 страны мира объявляют stay-at-home режим, а живые события повсеместно отменяются, известный нью-йоркский дизайнер Ed Libby оказался в изоляции в своем доме на Голливудских холмах. Сидя в одиночестве за обеденным столом на 15 человек и просматривая список отмененных и отложенных событий, он начал искать способ поднять себе настроение. В итоге он схватил серебряную конфетницу любимой бабушки и начал творить.

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#dreamersalwaysdream Challenge DETAILS on my table. First!! #LibbyPartyOfOne my table is set for one because I’m #HomeAlone and getting nutty!! Second! My Grandmothers silver candy dish (sorry I didn’t polish it I didn’t think we were having guests) I found it on the garage. She used to put Jordan Almonds in it ..I didn’t have any so I used Eggs from the fridge…Same color and shape.(the almonds taste better) I miss her. She wouldn’t be happy that Church is closed. She went daily. The green leaves are from my orange tree..they make the house smell beautiful. Third ! The Clock was a housewarming present from dear Friends. In this setting it represents the time we are in Lockdown. Seems to be ticking backwards these days. It’s OK…we’ll wait.. Fourth! #HearNoEvil.. at Dinner time the news gets turned off and I sit by the fire and take a moment to realize how fortunate I am to have food on my table and blessed to have Doctors ,Nurses and First Responders keeping us safe. Five and Six outline the Challenge. Full explanation in my previous post! Who else wants to play? How about my Girls from Details Details @detailsalicia @detailsjeannie are you up for the challenge? See my previous posts and story for “Details” #dreamersalwaysdream

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Так у дизайнера появилась идея прокачать свои навыки на карантине и запустить в Instagram челлендж #DreamersAlwaysDream.

Мы отобрали несколько крутых работ для вашего вдохновения!

Ed Libby, Ed Libby & Co. Events

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“Memories of Malibu” Last week I witnessed a sight that “shed some light” on the current condition of the healing Earth..Something was sparkling off in the distance outside my bedroom window, far brighter & more vibrant than I had ever seen before..It was the Ocean. Perfect unobstructed ocean views from Santa Monica to Malibu. First time in 12yrs there’s been air in SoCal so clear that I could see forever. After 30+ days with no freeway traffic or manufacturing Mother Nature is recovering. Being able to see the ocean and not being able go there really hit home..Having the freedom to jump in the car & drive 20mins to the beach with friends..meeting Colleges & clients to design weddings overlooking the ocean , lunches & dinners with the sound of crashing waves on the coast..are some of the reasons I moved to SoCal in the first place. Growing up, Cape Cod , the Jersey Shore & The Hamptons were always a huge part of my life. Sooo missing all that now So..my melancholy mood inspired today’s lunch setting. “Memories of Malibu”. This table reminds me of cherished memories on both East & West Coasts. The Watercolor was purchased when I was 19 during one of my many summers at the Jersey Shore; certainly the first place I fell in love with the ocean and it’s bounty. The menu is a memento from an event I designed last year at @pelicanhillresort with @preminievents. I can’t wait to get back to planning gorgeous events overlooking the ocean with @pwolter44 of Pelican and @cdolbee of @montagelaguna ! Other favorite Malibu Memories are of @andrewjameshertel & @chefmaeve who took me on my first SoCal coastal adventures. And of course of my “Miss Malibu” @greer_grammer who I met at her dads when she was just a teenager and still spend every Christmas and New Year with. Flowers on the table the last few blooms of my Easter arrangement from @eddiezaratsian .. Pearl accessories vintage, hand sanitizer sign of the times. Finally Cologne Eau Fraîche because, when the time is right, I’m ready to shave, get back to work & give you all a BIG HUG! Hopefully that day will come soon… until then Stay Home & Stay Safe ? tagged=challenged ? #dreamersalwaysdream

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Mindy Rice, Mindy Rice Floral and Event Design

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As we all struggle to stay entertained and creative at home….. I say, “challenge excepted” to @eastonevents @lisagorjestani and @karsonbutler This morning I will take part in the #DreamersAlwaysDream challenge, creating a table scape that is 100% from your home and therefore 100% you! I have chosen to create a “quarantine breakfast table” since my boys are home and each meal is a FULL meal! When we built the house we planted it with oranges, lemons, persimmons, apples, figs and a variety of herbs. Given the early spring season, my table will be heavy on the citrus and yellow wildflowers (aka weeds) That are growing on the hillside. I have a love for birds, I combined a few of my collections to give this table in early Easter feeling! My sterling silver, rooster napkin rings are my favorites, I purchased eight of them while in Tlaquepaque a few years back…. why I didn’t get more I will never understand! The green majolica dishes are combined with a hand painted, blue rimmed China and handwoven placemat/chargers…These are like no other I have ever found, I bought them in the most amazing little hardware store in San Sebastian,Spain about 10 years ago! The table linen is actually just a few yards of fabric I stole from my mom’s collection…. it is an Indian block print with nigella blossoms, I love it! I do hope everyone is safe and enjoying the time with their families. Thank you @edlibbyevents for initiating this creative challenge . I am going to challenge photographers @aarondelesie @jendelesie — @josevilla @joelserrato — @elizabethmessina @laciehansen — @sylviegil — @corbingurkin — @michellebeller ♥️ #dreamersalwaysdream

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Rishi Patel, HMR Designs

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D R E A M E R S [always dream]: a good friend called me and said, you know what Rishi, just because we’re in a quarantine- do you stop being creative? He created this challenge with his amazing creativity of course, but now I challenge EVERYONE to dig around your home, grocery store or go on a walk and create a “quarantine table”. Something that will bring you joy while creating it, and joy for all the people you share it with. When this is all over, the world will need our creativity, joy and unique perspective. Don’t let being locked in hold you back…. Here, my love for flora and fauna collide on my very beloved dining table… @edlibbyevents @hmrdesigns #dreamersalwaysdream

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Matthew Robbins и Otoya, Robbins Otoya Destinations

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| D E S T I N A T I O N A T H O M E | Its very surreal to not be able to travel. Our work takes us to so many beautiful and vibrant locations, we can’t wait to get back out there. For now, we decided to “visit” some of our favorite @robbinsotoya destinations via this beautiful table we set for lunch today. We used elements from Morocco, France, Japan, Colombia, Italy and USA along with citrus from our kitchen and foliage and coconuts from our backyard! #DreamersAlwaysDream Thank you @edlibbyevents for this fun design challenge during not so colorful times. Thank you @michellerago for challenging us! We challenge @pinacate0202 @pstailoredevents @eastonevents @otherpaul @simone.lejour . Looking forward to your fabulous creations! Xo?

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Katie Kirby, Revolution Events

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#dreamersalwaysdream Challenge Accepted. @bille29 reminded me that I have the time and I can still set a table while half in the bag… now everyone else is doing chic, gorgeous scapes, but I have a 14 month old and all those pretty things are packed away for the next few years … so I present my quarantine table. I challenge @erintcermak @jeannettetav @victoriasamuel @williamthomasfloral @jokorox @garydukedc @jah911 @elainekirby9

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Todd Fiscus, Todd Events

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Tonight’s table story is southern! And of course I have always loved orange. So added gardenias and beautiful kitchen papers from @hesterandcook layered the papers with rattan placemats… we made delicious ribs in our pressure cooker from @rishithedesigner who gave us this amazing piece of equipment as a housewarming gift! With hand smashed potatoes. Green bean, pickled onion and blue cheese salad and sautéed squash. And of course our favorite @aperolspritzitalia… I know a daytime cocktail. But who’s judging I mean we did start early! ???. Happy table dressing everybody! #dreamersalwaysdream So I challenge @strawberrymilkevents and @gritandgoldeventco and @laurenaveryheiler and @crystalnmoriarty come one ladies!! Let’s see some beauty!!

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Jose Villa и Joel Serrato, свадебные фотографы

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Challenge accepted, thanks @mindyricedesign, @eastonevents, @edlibbyevents and many more who threw our name in the hat for this fun challenge. @joelserrato and I our celebrating our 9th year of marriage today and as we were thinking of this fun project we were reminded and inspired by our wedding design that @mindyricedesign and @lisavorce put together for our wedding in the mountains above our current home. It’s pretty amazing how things come full circle. @joelserrato and I have been so fortunate after hard work to purchase our dream home and so we found this amazing slice of heaven in the mountains facing the backdrop of our wedding ceremony to remind us daily of that special day 9 years ago. Thank you to @nancyvilla for the agave inspo. @derekglas for the beautiful agaves you plucked out of your property for us, @lauriearons and @brookekeegan for the design advise, @elaneventrentals for the table and chair and @karinapuentearts for the amazing art sculptures acting as our place cards. I challenge these hair and makeup artists @janet__villa @mar__teamhairandmakeup @theamyclarke @nyriebeauty #dreamersalwaysdream #homesweethome used @josevillapresets on the photo above, to purchase presets go to link in bio #josevillapresets

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Michael Uncapher, Mark’s Garden

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@edlibbyevents Challenge accepted! For my challenge I set up a cocktail party for two! If you know me, you know I love Champagne! I guess fortunately I don’t have antiques that I have inherited yet, but I do have a couple things I’ve stolen from events! So, I would like to thank, @michellerago for contributing the candles and @francescaeventsinc for the glassware and @marksgarden for the tray. I believe Statue of Limitations is in effect so I can’t be charged for these crimes. I’m so thankful for @edlibbyevents for creating this challenge. I have been missing flowers. Many people have asked me if I bring flowers home on a regular basis. The answer WAS no. I’m usually so tired by the end of the day that I just want to put my sweats on, sit on the floor in front of the coffee table and eat whatever is delivered to me while watching TV. This has brought back my passion for entertaining at home. When I lived in NY, I would make canapés in my small kitchen, store them on the fire escape (I would have to do more entertaining in winter for this reason) and have the most amazing friends over. I can’t wait to get back to entertaining, whether that be at home or for work. It’s what I love to do. I challenge @francescaeventsinc @mindyweiss @gideonhermosa @nancy_kaye @smkonitzer @wildflowers_fairhope @__j_e_r_ I’m adding you into this. I know you will come up with something cool.. even if it’s a napkin sketch?. OH! and thank you @bristolfarms for the flowers! I was shocked to see the supermarket had protea! #dreamersalwaysdream

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Bryan Rafanelli, Rafanelli Events

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SET YOUR TABLE ?#dreameralwaysdream Challenge accepted by the enormously talented and kind @edlibbyevents … In 1984, I bought 12 place settings of “Nobles” by Fitz and Floyd China for my imaginary “summer house.” Last night I set this table with my treasured “Noblis” in my real life summer house, a single engine firehouse built in 1865. One of 5 Firehouses in Provincetown, Massachusetts where the Pilgrims landed FIRST 400 years ago this November. The Red Firetruck is the centerpiece of my table design, a housegift from my dear friend @maryhhull … the ocean blue depression water goblets were left to me in my mother-in-laws estate, I am always comforted knowing Denise is sitting at our dinning table. ?Those are actual wooden ladders climbing up the wine glasses … ? George Clooney waits patiently for me to finish and take him for his late afternoon walk … the carrot cake is a beautiful design element and an acknowledgement of a happy ending ? and finally my dear friend @redblissdesign and their exceptional #rainbowproject prints … head over to their Instagram and send a message of Love and support … all proceeds go to COVID 19 causes … as well go to @edlibbyevents and take the table design challenge! Today I nominate @sinesia_karol @joserolonevents @mikevassi and @michaelbastian @alexapulitzer and finally my friends @krewe in collaboration with @stirlingb and @kristinshannon ? . . . #rainbowproject #bearainbow #stayhome (For god sake) #sendlove #redblissdesign

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Lynn Easton, Easton Events

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Challenge Accepted! #dreamersalwaysdream. Our dear friend and creative genius @edlibbyevents has challenged some of us to show how we stay creative while we are at home. Dean and I are lucky enough to be dining al fresco this evening in beautiful Charlottesville and our gardens are about to burst! This is our table for tonight, which is set with little treasures that we have procured from all corners of the globe. We are dreaming of getting back on the road! Our plates and bowls we purchased on the Amalfi coast — twenty years ago during our wedding week if you can believe! In the center are two stunning burnt orange dumpling steamers that we wrangled from a merchant in Burma during our honeymoon. I filled them with herbs that I haven’t quite gotten into their pots! The little birdbath was made for us by an amazing Mexican ceramicist when we had a home in San Miguel de Allende. The glasses are hand blown from SMA as well — We have had similar ones custom made for all of our restaurants. The Swedish candlesticks are one of my favorite gifts from an #eastonbride from early in my career. When candlesticks are really beautiful, I don’t think they even need a candle. I added an “eye spy” pair of opera glasses that were from my darling grandmother. And lastly, the Tiffany art deco silver is from my mother’s table and yes I do put it in the dishwasher! We feel so fortunate to be home, and it is such a pleasure to sit down to a delicious meal together. We are deeply grateful for every single health professional that is fighting for our collective lives. #sograteful We tag @lauriearons @stefcoveco @mindyricedesign @kathleendeerydesign @jacksondurhamevents @sygdesigns @charlestonstems Game ON! Table details in story. Photos by my BFF @anne.fontaine.hooff (she is in our “pod”)

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Mindy Weiss, Mindy Weiss Party Consultants

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I accept the challenge @edlibbyevents @michael_marksgarden @rishithedesigner . This table is how I live… mixing and matching creating spaces that are filled with stories… the dishes are from Capri and bought from @indigoseasshop and they use them @ivyrestaurants where I love to go often. The green and white gingham plates a flea market find. Along with the porcelain flowers that are not perfect , a bit cracked and showing it’s age like me ?. The vintage floral painting is just a fantasy of wanting to eat with art in my face. The green container with the berries is the same container that my mom use to make hot fudge sundaes. The napkins are from my wedding with napkin rings from my travels. The bougainvillea from my garden inside a Moroccan breadbasket I procured from a shopping day in Marrakech… the cloth @heathertaylorhome because I love gingham. There you have it! I challenge @mooncanyon @bowsandarrowsflowers @foundrentals @celiosdesign #dreamersalwaysdream

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